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Allan Smith

Have you tried the Protocraft web site? They make O scale decals but their descriptions for the series of cars and paint schemes are very accurate. They have three sets for Rock Island from 1940-1950's with prototype photos. I think you will find what you are looking for there. 
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I'm sorry if this question has been asked before (particularly if this question has been asked ad nauseam), but I can't figure out how to search the archives in the current Yahoo web interface.

I've been looking at Ed Hawkins' box car tabulations, and became interested in Rock Island's 40' PS-1 boxcars.

The "100 years of Progress" scheme seems to have been very popular among model manufacturers, and seems to be appropriate for those built in November and December 1951 (21000-21759, 21750-22249. and 22250-26499, 2000 cars total). However, I'm curious what paint scheme the first series of PS-1s were decorated in, 25500-26499. 1000 cars built August 1948, and just as importantly, what decal set is appropriate for these cars

I'm not a Rock Island modeler, so my research resources are limited. I've found very little on the web about these cars (as far as the prototype goes)..

I've asked around a bit. One friend said "My guess would be they came like the 1945 built modified '37's in Rocket Freight."

If Intermountain Railway is accurate, the 11-41 built modified 1937 AAR box cars were painted in the Rocket Freight scheme, and the 2-45 built modified 1937 AAR box cars came in a much more simplified paint scheme, with only the "Beaver Pelt" logo to the right of the door:

Built 11-41:

Built 2-45:

Of the two, it stands that the 8-48 built PS-1s probably were painted the same as the 2-45 built modified 1937 AAR box cars, but that this would not be the "Rocket Freight" paint scheme

Consider that Intermountain also did a 6-50 built 1937 AAR (not modified) box car in the same scheme as the 2-45 built modified 1937 AAR box car:

It seems I'd be pretty safe painting the earliest PS-1s in the same paint scheme. I just want to get confirmation before I trust the inferred research Intermountain had done. For instance, Ed Hawkins doesn't list ANY unmodified 1937 AAR box cars as having been built for the Rock Island, so either Ed's research has a hole in it (I doubt it), or the above Intermountain car is a Foobie.It wouldn't be the first, and it won't be the last.

Anyway... For an early '50s roster, I think I ought to have one of the first series of PS-1s (those built in August 1948) to counter all those "100 Years of Progress" models that manufacturers seem to have have flooded the market with. If I can nail down the specifics of the appropriate paint scheme and decals, I'll be off and running.


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