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Todd Horton

I don’t know if I would 100% trust them as a reference. I can’t speak for the RI but they have some information wrong about C of G freight cars on their site.    Todd Horton


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I was unfamiliar with that site, Al. Thank you. I'll bookmark it for future reference.

However, looking at their list of box car decals:

I couldn't find any listings for Rock Island (CRI&P) box cars. I hate to have to ask to have my hand held, but could you post a link to the decals you're talking about?

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Have you tried the Protocraft web site? They make O scale decals but their descriptions for the series of cars and paint schemes are very accurate. They have three sets for Rock Island from 1940-1950's with prototype photos. I think you will find what you are looking for there. 

Al Smith




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