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Guy Wilber

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Guy and Brian,
Here is a service history for UP 155000 I have assembled from the ORER.

1940(4)         ...  Not listed in ORER.
1940               1  RENO from #154132 in 154100-154199.
1940(10)         1  XAP
1941(1)           1  XA with nailing strips that reduce IW to 8-2, IH to 10-0.
1942(1)           1  XAP back to original inside dimensions.
1942(4)           1  XAP
1943(1)           1  XA with nailing strips that reduce IW to 8-2, IH to 10-0.
1943(7)           1  XAP back to original inside dimensi ons.
1944(7)           1  XAP with Evans Unit Loader [inside cover Metcalf book]. No mention in ORER.
1945(1)           1  XAP
1945(5)           1  XAP
1946(1)           1  XAP
1946(10)         1  XAP
194x                   RENO back into 154100-154199?
1947(7)         ...  Not listed in ORER.

A glorious but short career with the Evans Unit Loader only post 7-1944?. No special equipment is noted for any year in the ORER except for the nailing strips that seem to come and go early on. So, Brian, it appears that the car as numbered does not make it to your modeling era.

Guy, can you steer me to some information on the Evans Unit Loader? Its a new bit of arcana for me and I would appreciate learning more about it.



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