Re: Sharon Couplers

Guy Wilber

Jack Mullen wrote:

Type D couplers were made with 6x8 shanks for new construction, but also made with 5x7 shanks for replacement of older MCB couplers. 

     Maybe for a time, but please recall the timeline provided by Guy Wilber:

All freight cars built new and used in interchange were required to be equipped with Type D couplers cast with 6 inch by 8 inch shanks as of November 1, 1920. Rebuilt cars were to be so equipped on, and after July 1, 1928.
Mr. Jack Mullen is absolutely correct when stating that the Type "D" was also manufactured with 5 inch by 7 inch shanks which were indeed used on cars with construction which did not allow the larger shank coupler to be installed as a replacement.  There is a major difference in replacement and rebuilt.  This very aspect was mentioned within my original post though thanks to Jack for giving a bit more specific dimensional information.
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada


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