Re: Sharon Couplers

Guy Wilber

Dennis wrote:
I'm not so sure a major rebuilding was required to increase the size of the coupler shank, since the draft gear dimension, and thus the distance between the stops remained the same. A bigger problem was changing the riveted style coupler yokes to the keyed style, but apparently that did not need to be done if the car wasn't "rebuilt".
You are always astute, polite, articulate and (again) correct.  This entire subject is yet another which requires study of the Interchange Rules, etc., from the late 'teens thru 1960 and it's damn hard to summarize it in the time I have right now, but...
Another aspect which needs full examination is the uncoupling methods used on early MCBA standard couplers.  I am digging and will report back.
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada 

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