Re: AB brake systems on tank cars

Schleigh Mike

Hello Group----Chuck Cover asked, "I am upgrading some of my tank cars that currently have K brakes.  I model 1957 so I need to convert them to the AB brake system.  Is there a common schematic for the AB brake system on tank cars?  I have the trainshed cyclopedia but cannot find a drawing to use in my conversions."

My humble observations suggest that there were many ways these conversions were done so it is best to follow photos of your prototype.  Possibly the most common was the triple valve on top of the reservoir, compact package, easily bracketed, short piping.  This package would sit neatly ahead of the cylinder likely connected to the same bracket that held the original.  No changes needed to the rigging.  I have particularly studied this with one large group of private cars.  Use of photos for the prototype is an absolute must for fidelity to the very many ways that this was done.


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