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Armand Premo

That sounds great Fenton until you start looking for specific decals.You may have to rely on custom made (and I have done that ).Now, what do you use for paint,and matching paint? Armand Premo

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I believe if you check Herald King you will find they are still in business although under new owners.  I recently purchased some decals from them and they were fine.  Most of their decals are from a later time period than I model but not all.  Check them out.
Fenton Wells

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I am not sure why you would make such a blanket statement like that when there are lots of decals still out there.  I would even say that the there are more accurate sets available than at any other time.  Sure Walthers, Champ, and Herald King no longer offer decals but many of these sets were inaccurate or came with generic data.  

There are a lot more smaller companies or individuals selling many more accurate sets.  

Staying on the Intermountain undec theme I have finished the following cars starting with the Intermountain undec 1958 cuft covered hopper car.  While most are too modern for this list it still shows the variety of decals still available:

DT&I - MG Decals
EL- Prime Mover Decals
CofG - Mask Island
ICG - Kohlberg 

-Tom Haag

Fenton Wells
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