New Exact Rail HO Union Pacific Flat Car


Per Blaine at ExactRail:

"The new model is the GSC 42'-0 Flat Car or in Union Pacific circles, the F-50-15!

In 1951, the GSC 42'-0 Flat Car was received by the Union Pacific as kits from General Steel Castings (GSC.) These kits were assembled in Denver, CO and designated by the car class F-50-15. This car was purchased as a general service flat. However, some of these cars were re-classified into more specialized service, including TOFC.

The car bodies of GSC flats are cast in steel, which means the entire car body is a single piece. The result is that these cars are veritable battleships on rails, and many are in active MoW service today--63 years later!

ExactRail has produced an extraordinarily accurate of the GSC 42'-0 Flat Car! The model is equipped with full underbody detail and laser-etched wood decks!

The model will be available in 5 paint schemes.

1951 'As Delivered' Union Pacific Paint Scheme
1974 Union Pacific Repaint
Union Pacific #913123 MoW Paint Scheme
Union Pacific #913150 MoW Paint Scheme
Union Pacific #913243 MoW Paint Scheme

Pricing and availability will be announced soon! The GSC 42'-0 Flat Car is next out of the gate, and our release of this model will be soon!"

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