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the link works, just no pictures available, and you have to
click on the "text only" button
mel perry

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Hi List Members,
I recall some weeks back there was discussion that the Trainlife site was non-functional.
Bob's link below to the Trainlife article does not work for me - does it work for anyone else? Is Trainlife still out of commission (Traindeath?!?) ???
  -  Claus Schlund
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Some notes from the last discussion in March of 2014.

NYC Spec. 486 Boxcars


Suppose I want six of the NYC steel boxcars modeled by BLI. For 1951 - 53 how many should be 7/8 ends and how many should be Dreadnaught?


I suspect the answer to my question is in RPCyc21, which I do not yet have. – Jeff Aley


In the October 2006, MRC, Essential Freight Car article #34, NYC USRA design box cars, there is a table that lists all of the cars, and their similarities/differences. - Aaron Gjermundson


That information is also in the roster in my March, 2007 Railmodel Journal article on these cars. The only Spec. 486 box cars that had Dreadnaught ends were those built in 1927: 1,000 cars for the Big Four (later absorbed into the NYC roster), 50 cars for the Peoria & Eastern, and 1,000 cars for the NYC itself. So that's 2,050 cars out of almost 21,000, approximately one in ten. All the other cars had 7-8 corrugated ends. - Richard Hendrickson

Roster NYC Specification 486 Box Car from March, 2007 Railmodel Journal

Lots 539-B, 560-B and 563-B had Dreadnaught ends

TrainLife - March 2007 - Page 43

By the summer of 1946, most of the NYC’s USRA design steel box cars had new roofs - the rebuilding process started before WW II. – Richard Hendrickson mar-2014 STMFC Steam era freight car discussion group. The time period covered will be from 1900-1960.

And there is much more in the STMFC archives ...

Bob Witt

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