Re: Question on exNYC boxcar sold to Rutland - NOT!

Armand Premo

Al,The Rutland still had some also, albeit, with different ends :- ) Armand P

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Westerfield offers a decal set (#3865) for DSS&A USRA double-sheathed boxcars. I dunno if it's exact for the 1916-design cars, but it has to be close.

Champ had a DSS&A roadname set (HN-145), and Jerry Glow catalogues a DSS&A DS boxcar set. A few years ago I detailed up the Storzek NYC kit as a DSS&A auto car, using mostly Champ decals. (I'd originally built it as an NYC car, but by '49 only the DSS&A still had the double-door cars in double-sheathed form. The DSS&A cars *were* ex-NYC.)

There are three forms of the monogram. Originally it said "South Shore" without a background color; later they added a black background, and finally they put "Duluth South Shore & Atlantic" inside. (They got a new president from Chicago, who thought they might get confused with the electric line, For dates and addition of the "Superior Gateway" slogan, see Gaertner's DSS&A book.)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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