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Aley, Jeff A

I did a quick google search for Roland Versacamm; these are $20,000 printers.  And more to the point, the ink is UV-cured and is waterproof and alcohol-proof, and is flexible.









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With an inkjet printer, will the decals be coated so as not to run in the water?

Andy Miller

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I keep reading all these posts about the availability of decals and maybe I can help. I've been working for several years with a small company who is using a Roland Versacamm professional inkjet printer for printing custom decals.

If you can provide suitable artwork, I can get you any decals you need. All colors available including white and metallic colors like gold or silver. No setup cost. Minimum quantity 1 piece.

If you are interested, please contact me offline.

Peter Aue

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