Re: Those damn kits!


Dave,  What is your favorite software for a virtual reality railroad?  I have thought about this but never ventured into it. 
I was just thinking, somewhat tongue in cheek.  Considering all the expenses we have at the Amarillo Railroad Museum, maybe we should just do the Santa Fe from Canadian, TX to Clovis, NM, as a virtual railroad.  Would definitely give us a lot of space to put in one huge computer and hundreds of screens.  Lots of virtual engineers, a dispatcher, virtual tower operators.  The whole railroad for a very small cost. Might even attract a totally new generation of virtual model railroaders.  Skills would not be traditional (assembling kits, painting, decaling), but  creating CAD frameworks for prototypical cars and correct paint schemes.  I can see a 100 car reefers set being marketed on a CD. 
Jerry Michels 

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