Red Caboose Mather Meat Reefers




I just finished building four Red Caboose 37’ Mather Meat Reefer kits (Armour, Rath, Swift and Hormmell).  From the instructions written by Richard Hendrickson, it mentions Rath, Hygrade, Hunter, Kohrs and Oscar Mayer, but not Armour, Swift or Hormmell as lessees. 


The kits were apparently designed “as built” based on converted Mather stock cars.  I model the early 1950s’, so I replaced the “K” brake system with “AB”, but I have a question about trucks.  The kits are supplied with Andrews trucks and I question whether this is correct and if so, did those trucks last until the 1950’s?




Bill Botkin

Centennial, CO


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