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PRR regulations for the transport Explosives and dangerous articles 1952
This is the oldest book of this type in my collection. I've seen older but were to expensive for my level of interest in the respective time periods.
Anyhow the link to the book directly is:
It is on my server since people hate to use yahoo and I don't want to upload it to multiple groups. I'll leave it up for the rest of the month so if the server gets bogged down the next few days there is still time to look.
Mark Rickert

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Apparently, throughout the steam era the only car placement rules
were promulgated by the Bureau of Explosives, dating to 1907. In 1921
Congress gave the ICC the power to regulate the MARKING of hazardous
cars, but it is unclear if they also added any rules concerning
placement in the train, beyond the "not adjacent to locomotive,
caboose or occupied passenger cars" already enforced for cars
containing explosives. Tony Thompson has a nice summary of the
placard rules from a modeling perspective in his blog here:

But doesn't go into the operations aspect.

Dennis Storzek

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