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Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connorwrote:


Technically true, and equally true, I really don't care. If it's for my use, and they don't make them anymore, let them try to make a case.

      As I said, no one would or could make a case; personal use falls under the "fair use" part of the law.

Similar arguments have been made against resin kit makers -- In case you had not noticed, many resin kit masters include copied parts from plastic kits. No lawsuits yet, to my knowledge.

     Not analogous, since making kits for sale hardly falls under fair use. But as you say, the injury caused is likely too small to litigate, except for those who love to demonstrate their rights. Still, if I were to want to copy parts for kits, I would hesitate to assume no one in the hobby falls into that category.

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