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actually the rights for champ's business is held
by portland car & foundry in portland oregon
mel perry

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Not only that, but Camp is defunct as a business. No one picked up their
line, unlike, say, copying Herald King.


Brian Ehni

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Technically true, and equally true, I really don't care. If it's for
my use, and they don't make them anymore, let them try to make a case.
Similar arguments have been made against resin kit makers -- In case
you had not noticed, many resin kit masters include copied parts from
plastic kits. No lawsuits yet, to my knowledge.

Tim O'

>Technically, that would be a violation of the copyright of Champ, Walthers or
whomever created the decal being copied.
>If you can find out who owns the copyright, they might be willing to grant you
permission to make a reasonable number for personal use.
>Alex Schneider

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