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Tony Thompson

BRIAN EHNI  wrote:

Not only that, but Camp is defunct as a business. No one picked up their line, unlike, say, copying Herald King.

     I assume you meant to write "Champ." A number of people inquired about buying the business, but the owner and her brother conceived of an enormous value to the business and would not discuss or negotiate that set price. It would be possible to conclude that they did not really want to sell. AFAIK, the entire stock and materials of the business, less the printing press which they did sell, remains in place. Aside from the press, they were not willing to entertain any offer for any other part of the business, such as artwork, or remaining stocks. Any buyer was required to take everything, including office furniture etc. So if "no one picked up" that business, it was not because no one was interested.
      By the way, a business being "defunct" does not mean that copyrights vanish. Those are among the property of the business, even if it is not being operated currently, and those copyrights would be part of the value if a buyer ever acquires the line.

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