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There's another consideration in the case of decal sets in that a decal seller such as Champ is offering the copyright-protected work of others, namely the intellectual property of the railroad companies depicted. Number jumbles and reporting marks are simply type in most cases. Some railroads still protect the vintage heralds.  All a decal maker can really protect by copyright is his presentation and packaging and brand. I kinda recall that Microscale was paying license fees on some of its decal sets.

I've chased after enough pirates to know that the reality of copyright infrigement is the ability to quantify damages in dollars. For someone on this list to copy and sell Champ's NP Monad herald to a couple of dozen modelers for a reasonable price such as $5, Warren Buffet's legal eagles likely won't be bothered.

Duplicate a current decal maker's sets, such as Westerfield or Funaro, and sell those? While the duplicate's presentation is such that there may not be a copyright issue, there's certainly an ethical one.

Just sayin'                    ....Mike Del Vecchio

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Alex Schneider wrote:

Technically, that would be a violation of the copyright of Champ, Walthers or whomever created the decal being copied.
If you can find out who owns the copyright, they might be willing to grant you permission to make a reasonable number for personal use.

    Copyright law explicitly permits copies for personal use, as when you Xerox a magazine article or book page. It's called "fair use."

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