Re: Custom Decals


As regards decal sets currently in production/stock by the original maker/seller I will only use these sets for making a set in a scale that is not available from said printer/seller. And I will question as to their willingness to do so.

That said I do a lot of stuff in O scale which is a very small market these days. Very few decal printers/resellers (which means they had to buy a whole production run in order to sell them) are willing to invest the money for O scale. But, if you do your own printing you can print as many (or as few) as you wish. I have a few local O scaler's in the area that will pay $12.00 for as many sets that can be printed on a 5.5 X 8.5 sheet. If they are of prototype rr's then I invest my own time in the artwork as I can sell to others. Custom work, such as the Bowtie and GTO RR pay for artwork.

John Hagen

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