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Bruce Smith

As an example, most of the Champ PRR decals had been redone and were very accurate. 

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Clark Propst wrote:

During the custom decals thread it was mentioned that Champs decals were out of date. Generic data, real inch size instead of scale inch size letters, etc. Just curious, would these short comings be deal breakers if the decal line was resurrected tomorrow?

        That statement is too general. As was mentioned, in more recent years Rich strove to create better decals, and had many experts on individual railroads helping him. For example, Richard Hendrickson contributed a lot to the improved Santa Fe freight decals in the line.
         However, it is quite true that a few of the items in the line dated back many years, and were lacking in many respects. Older ones tended to be oversize, to have very approximate sets of dimensional and capacity data, and to be printed in a variety of lame fonts not matching prototype lettering. So yes, some of the decals in the catalog were fairly crappy; others were darn good and we could sure use them back. Do not believe anyone telling you a flat statement about "all" Champ decals.

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