Re: Car sounds


Where do you mount these decoders? In cars? In locos? Under the layout?

Jared Harper
Athens, GA
Jared, it depends on the use.  If you take a look at the Soundtraxx "Sound Car" flyer, it lists all the sounds.  Most it seems would be mounted in rolling stock (flat spots, brake squeal, clickity-clack, generator).  The decoder also has two lights and two hyper-effect leads, so I can see it mounted in a caboose with say brake squeal and lights for the conductor's desk and marker lights (most likely fed into fiber optics). Lighted passenger cars with generator sounds would be a good use too.
I don't know if they could be mounted stationary, but some sounds would lend themselves to it, especially flange squeal, which you would want from the whole train, not an individual car. 
Jerry Michels

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