Re: Champ decals

Tim O'Connor

John Sykes wrote

Actually, Champ was in the middle of upgrading many of their decals (I think originally
they were mostly printed by the letterpress technique - ala Ben Franklin but were being
switched to the better offset printing method).

Really? I received a 3-page letter from Mr. Meyer in response to a letter I'd written
him back in the 1990's (in my RPM youth) and I got the strong impression that the only
method he used for printing was a letterpress. Certainly all of his heralds were done
that way. (I had questioned why he didn't switch to thin-film silkscreen decals.)

Champ's BRH sets for ATSF, SFRD and almost all of the SHS sets were state of the art.
The only error I ever found in one the SHS sets (so far) was in SHS-257 (NYC Early Bird
reefer) which has incorrect data -- Fortunately Greg Komar came to the rescue on that

Other revised sets included B&O/CB&Q/GN/NP/SP box cars, N&W/RDG/ERIE/NYC/GN hoppers,
GN/SOU gondolas and even some "roadname sets" -- ACL/CNW/CRR/CRI&P/ERIE/GN/NP/NYC.
There are probably more, those are just the ones I noticed.

Tim O'Connor

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