Re: Athearn Coors and Carnation

Tim O'Connor


they are foobies as far as I know... but my knowledge of billboard reefers is very limited

Back in the yellow box days Athearn produced models of reefers decorated for Coors and Carnation.   The Coors reefer is yellow with a logo for Coors Banquet beer and the Carnation reefer is white with the milk can and Carnation Milk in red on the sides. If you search eBay for "Athearn Coors" and "Athearn Carnation" you will see what I mean.  Neither car's P/L scheme is like any prototype car I have ever seen photos of.  The white Carnation P/L scheme bears no resemblance to the yellow schemes that FGEX and General American ran for them and have been available from Branchline and TMI and others, and the yellow Coors scheme looks nothing like the famous white one that TMI and MDC did versions of.  So my question is this: are these Athearn schemes total foobies, or did such cars ever exist, if even for a railroad fair of some kind?
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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