Re: Champ decals

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Really? I received a 3-page letter from Mr. Meyer in response to a letter I'd written him back in the 1990's (in my RPM youth) and I got the strong impression that the only method he used for printing was a letterpress. Certainly all of his heralds were done that way. (I had questioned why he didn't switch to thin-film silkscreen decals.)

      Tim is correct, AFAIK. One of the items in the Champ business that was sold right away is that press, which I know Rich was using almost up to the time of his passing. Whether he ever made ANY offset or silkscreen decals, I don't know. But the press was something Rich knew how to use very well (an acquaintance of his told me once that Rich "could play tunes on that press"), so it's natural his mastery would have led him to keep using it.

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