Re: "400" name [was Hoarders]

Marty Ross


I'm not contesting that the Soo didn't serve Waukesha and, along with the C&NW, had a delightful collection of freight service to the city.  I'm sure that at one point, there were even truss rod cars enroute.  I was commenting on a reference to "Club 400" in another post and the website of that establishment stated it was named after a Soo train called the "400."  This is from their website:

"The club itself is named after a train. Soo Line Locomotive #400 used to come through town at about 4:00PM each day."

The original C&NW Engine #400 was a 4-4-2.  At the time the club opened (1948), the "Twin Cities "400" was most likely pulled by a 4-6-2 Pacific.  The moniker of "Soo Line" was initiated in 1961 with the merger of several railroads, and despite the statement on the Club 400 website, it has no reference to the Soo.

The building in which the Club 400 is located was built in 1894 as the Northwestern Hotel at 332 Williams St.  The C&NW depot had been constructed a few years earlier, across the street at 319 Williams St.  The depot also still exists as a restaurant and at one time offered "train car dining."  (Google Earth will give you excellent street views.)

After a number of different uses for the Northwestern Hotel building, it was opened as Club 400 in 1948 and retains that name to this date.    There is a historical marker referencing the relation to the C&NW 400 at the location of the club.  However, it more about the club history and the fact that the performance at the inauguration was by Les Paul and Mary Ford.  Les Paul is a Waukesha native and it was his father who opened the Club 400.


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