Demise of RMC?

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Looking through the June issue of RMC which finally arrived, there is an informative prototype article on The Great Northern’ s Plywood Boxcars by Steffan Ehnbom, Scott Lupia’s beautiful modeling of a SCL E7B, as well as Bill’s overview of the Valley Forge RPM Meet in March which I think will be of interest to many in the group. 


I’ve heard their story that it was at the printers who was is in the process of moving, but I’ve also gotten emails that Carsten’s failed to pay taxes, make payroll and that it’s been for sale.   What I do know is that I haven’t even received a token payment for my last 3 articles in RMC or for the cover photo of the August 2013 RMC, and I know I’m not alone in that category.  Henry has refused to even return my phone calls or answer my emails for over a year. 


Unfortunately if RMC fails I think the loss will be particularly felt by this group.  The dedicated staff has consistently provided detailed articles on almost every industry associated with railroads during the steam era, as well as in-depth construction articles by talented authors on every type of rolling stock which have been an inspiration for me.  I hope to see them continue, but it’s certainly not looking very promising.


Chuck Davis

Norfolk VA


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