Re: Demise of RMC?

Tim O'Connor


I don't think it is demographics at all -- In the 1960's when I was a
teenager, my Dad got Trains, Model Railroader and RMC. And there were a
few hundred published books, with some prototype railroads having 15 or
even 20 titles! My Dad had maybe 30 or 40 books including Car Builder Cycs.

By the 1990's we also had Mainline Modeler, Model Railroading, and Railmodel
Journal. And new publishers cranking out new books every week. Usually more
than several every week. Heck we're up to issue #28 of the RP Cyclopedia!

Now we have modeling ezines from historical societies, more books than ever,
and tens of thousands of blogs, web sites, photo sites, archival sites, etc.
People have collections of hundreds of books and special publications.

I subscribe to RMC and I enjoy the magazine but really, in this hurricane
of railroad and modeling information that we live in, will we really feel
at all deprived without it? Some months I have no time to read even one

It's not demographics -- it's information overload!

Tim O'Connor

Although I had no idea of failed payments to authors and photographers,
I have wondered what is happening at RMC. First we lose Mainline Modeler
and now maybe RMC. I haven't figured out what exactly causes the muted
draw Model Railroader has for me, but its draw is definitely muted. The
series of articles by Ted Culotta and Clark Probst were really a big
draw for me, and I don't even model in HO, but in S. I saw the material
on S in the June issue a bit in the way of filler but still helpful. I
hope we do not lose RMC, but I cannot halt the forward and inexorable
march of demographics.

Tom Baker

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