Re: SP F-50-3

Tim O'Connor

Before embarking on the F-50-3 (which is of great interest to SP modelers)
Andrew should check with the SPH&TS which now has a manufacturing sideline
that has said their plans include a Harriman flat car, in addition to the
ex-Red Caboose F-70-7, the F-70-10, the bulkhead versions, a PMT round-nose
trailer, etc.

Tim O'Connor

At 8/7/2014 05:48 PM Thursday, you wrote:

Westerfield Models is interested in doing the F-50-3 flats.  PE  had these and would make a welcome addition to the PE freight cars.

I suggested he reference the Thompson freight car book Vol 3.

If any of you are interested you might want to contact Andrew at Westerfieldmodels@...


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