Re: Demise of RMC?

Larry Wolohon

I also know several others that have had articles published in RMC & they are certainly in no hurry to pay them. It would seem to me that this would cause authors to submit their articles to some other publication & the number of articles that RMC would receive to put in their magazines would diminish.

But what do I know, fact is stranger than fiction.

However my favorite magazines are Classic Trains, O Scale Trains & publications from railroad historical societies such as the Great Northern Historical Society & the Union Pacific Historical Society.

Larry Wolohon

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I am not privy to the financial dealings of RMC, however, as a past
author of a number of articles in the magazine, I can attest to the
fact that RMC is slow to unresponsive in paying authors. I have
discussed this with several others who have had their articles
published, so my experience is not an isolated occurrence. This is
not a recent trend, but has been going on for many years.

That said, I think RMC provides very interesting articles, many great
modeling articles, and is by far my favorite among the general model
railroad monthly magazines. I don't even know why I still subscribe
to Model Railroader, who just recycles old articles every few
years. If RMC goes under, I will miss it.

Chuck Cover
Santa Fe, NM

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