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Tony Thompson

Tom Baker wrote:

Another issue is that fewer and fewer scale modelers are building cars. My HO modeling friend surmises that many of those Sunshine kits sit on modelers shelves in the basement, attic, or garage and there they stay. He is probably right.

    Yes, there are many thousands of unbuilt kits all over North America and for that matter, the world. But plenty of them are OTHER than resin. I have been in plenty of basements with stacks of kits: InterMountain, Branchline, Red Caboose, and even Athearn blue box and MDC. For that matter, I have seen plenty of RTR freight cars still in the boxes they came in, never yet opened. Lots of us do stockpile (my word) and lots of us hang onto "stuff" for extended periods. Let us not think it is all "high accuracy" stuff or resin only.

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