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Scott Pitzer

Somewhat related... California's Public Utilities Commision forced the Pacific Electric Ry. to replace out-dated cabooses (late 1950s I think.)  All the replacements they bought (second-hand) were wood-bodied, but they were a step forward from those being retired.
Scott Pitzer

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I've always heard guys quoting regs (from all of
the agencies over the years) and saying

" ... cars in interchange service ... "

when talking about ladders, grabs, under frames,
roof walks, brake wheel position, etc.

So I'm sitting here wondering about cars that
were 'never' interchanged with other roads ...
such as pulpwood cars, ore cars, coal hoppers,
etc. It would seem that if you had an old wood
frame gondola with truss rods ... and it never
left your own rails ... you could run it well past
any "regulations cut off date". Similar to but
not exactly the same thing as MOW cars.

Yes? No?

Did the unions ever get involved in pressuring
the RRs to replace antiquated equipment due
to safety regs? How about for stuff such as the
grabs and ladders on MOW equipment?

- just looking for some info ... Jim Betz

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