Re: Canvas roof?

Guy Wilber


Good view of the roofs...all there do appear to be the 15001-16000 series
cars which were built with canvas roofs and remained so on the cars converted
to plaster service, MOW cars, and the cabooses. The silver tone of the
majority of the roofs was from the roof coating used in later years that was
similar to the old trailer house roof coating.

What Richard describes as rivets are actually the large head nails, similar
to galvanized roofing nails, used to attach the canvas to the ends and sides.
I agree with Richard's suggested method for modeling, but would suggest
tissue paper in place of Kleenex, as it can be cut cleaner and actually
overlapped to simulate the seams of the prototype.


Guy Wilber
Sparks, Nevada

Any suggestions on how to model such roofs in HO? >>

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