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Armand Premo

`Very interesting,Information is only worthwhile if it is meaningful to the individual.I don't give a big rat's rump for much of the "Information "being circulated unless it serves some value to me personally  or my friends.I could care less about much of the information that may be of value to a select few,and not to the group as a whole.What I model is where I  need and seek information.If it serves a purpose it is of value Other than that much of it is just  babble.My book cases are a useful source as well as other primary sources.I  must add that I am not trying to offend anyone so let the bricks fly.Armand Premo

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As a information junkie I am enjoying the breadth and depth of information available today.

I am downloading and trying to complete the range of many of the railroad industry journals and union publications that are available on the web…..there are nuggets of history and modeling information in them and having them organized on my hard drive by proper title, volume number, date of issue, etc.. helps smooth out the whims of the internet and often lazy or errors in cataloging by original library, microfilmers or digitizers.

For example, the recent discussion on “standardized” couplers is a topic that was extensively covered when stocking of parts for repairs on interchange equipment was a continuing problem for the railroads.

Some of the material on individual and historical society websites can also be captured, if not by download, by cut and paste or making screen shots.  eBay is a good source for photos of the prototype and models for future reference.

I still enjoy having a library of books, magazines and railroad paper (except when I had to move it from Illinois to Tennessee!!) and am filling in missing volumes in key magazines and series such as Train Shed Cyclopedia.  

The declining quality of programming (even with all the cable channels) allows me to sit “watching TV” with my wife and use my laptop to browse downloaded volumes or add to the library. 

I’ve always been better at R&D rather than production, and my second career in the Model Railroad Industry, while it hasn’t dampened my interest in the Hobby, has reduced my hands-on modeling time.   Something about being able to see results of my “modeling” in product in Hobby Shops and on layouts seems to scratch that itch at least part of the time.

Charlie Vlk

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