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Armand Premo

Ah Jerry,you are misinturpreting my post.I was  merely responding to the statement "Information Overload".I personally feel that much of the information is not important to me unless it pertains to the railroads of  which I happened to  have an interest;like your MP.A. Premo

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Very interesting,Information is only worthwhile if it is meaningful to the individual.I don't give a big rat's rump for much of the "Information "being circulated unless it serves some value to me personally or my friends.I could care less about much of the information that may be of value to a select few,and not to the group as a whole.What I model is where I need and seek information.If it serves a purpose it is of value Other than that much of it is just babble.My book cases are a useful source as well as other primary sources.I must add that I am not trying to offend anyone so let the bricks fly.Armand Premo
Ah, but you are offending! I've been on this list for many years, and how much information has there been on Missouri Pacific freight cars compared to the "Biggies?"  But that doesn't mean I begrudge those who do get more information than I do. Information is information whether it is useful to you or not, or if you put the word in parentheses.
Jerry Michels 

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