Re: IC 28452 special equipment circa 1916?

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

At 11:08 PM 11/3/2002, you wrote:
I recently purchased a small group of Chicago Milwaukee & Gary
waybills. Among them was an empty car waybill for IC 28452. I'm curious
about this car because the waybill says "This car is special IC
equipment. Please do not divert." Can someone please tell me what was
special about this car? Or at least what kind of car it was?
It was a 40 foot box car, one of 1,000 built by General
American in 1940 to the AAR 10'6" (nominal) design. I have
a photo of another such IC car in special assigned service.
An ORER is a good place to look for more information.

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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