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The majority of them are 8x10 glass plate negs, more than 20,000 in all. They are not scanned super hi-res, but 300 dpi 8x10s in the effort to get them all scanned.  Higher res. is available on request, and longer term the more important ones will be archived higher res. These are not on the NPS website yet, but little by little they are being added. Right now they are being circulated to the historical community to help with identifications. Usually five per day are posted -- by changing the date in the url previous offerings can be viewed, and many have freight cars.  Less than a third of this collection has been seen this way so far. It was a near miracle that pried this collection out of a University basement, and we're certainly glad it's becoming viewable.

Mike Del Vecchio

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Are these kept at Steamtown Website in archival resolution of a least 600 dpi x 10" wide? I noticed 24 bit so I assume RGB?  Are they film or glass plate originals?  They are great!
Al Kresse

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Serious Armstrong interlocking plant (as used in the Steam Era)
Some cabooses in the far distance, but no freight cars today.

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