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Group, at least those interested in oil refiners in Tulsa, I checked in my library and found the following about the Tulsa/W. Tulsa refineries:
         1940   Mid Continent Pet. Corp.         30,000 BOPD
                     The Texas Co.                          16,000     
                     Sinclair Refining Co.                 6,000           ( Sand Springs)
          1950  Mid Continent Pet. Corp.         44,000
                     The Texas Co.                          30,000
                     (Sand Springs-none listed)
          1960  D-X Sunray Oil Co.                   74,000
                     Texaco, Inc.                                40,000
          Note that in 1940 Mid Continent had 10,000 bopd capacity shut down.  Also, the trend as in most places was to fewer refineries but larger ones.  Economy of scale I think they call this.  Each year that I checked Okla. Refining capacity grew. Sorry for the delay in replying on this topic.  Tank cars would be seen all over the place in Oklahoma in this time period.  A good place to model.  FHP (Frank H. Peacock)  

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Thank you, Jon.

This gives me a lot more to work with and I appreciate it.

Bob Chaparro

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