Re: IC 28452 special equipment circa 1916?

tim gilbert <tgilbert@...>

At 11:08 PM 11/3/2002, you wrote:
I recently purchased a small group of Chicago Milwaukee & Gary
waybills. Among them was an empty car waybill for IC 28452. I'm
about this car because the waybill says "This car is special IC
equipment. Please do not divert." Can someone please tell me what
special about this car? Or at least what kind of car it was?
IC #28452 was part of the #28201-28500 series as per the November 1925
ORER. Its Mechanical Designation was XF and descibed as a Furniture Car;
Inside Length 44' 11 7/8", Inside Height 9', 6' wide Doors, 3,470 cubic
feet capacity riding on 30 ton trucks.

Tim Gilbert

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