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Bruce F. Smith <smithbf@...>

Has anyone in the group seen the books "New York, Ontario & Western
in Color" and "PRR Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment"?

I'm mostly interested in color photos of rolling stock before 1950
not the railroads named in the titles. A lot of these "in color" books
start in the '50s.

Does the Pennsy book include a few photos of each car including all
the "few of a kind" ones?

Anyone know where I can get books like these at a good discount?

There are actually 3 volumes of the PRR book out now (Well, volume 1 is out
of print and a little hard to find). As noted, these are predominantly
photos shot in the 1960's and often into the 70's (of unrepainted
equipment). In addition, the classes represented were the ones surviving
to that date, so they often represent the rebuilt version of so called
"major" classes (which pale in number to many of the "early classes" of
cars). Each of the 3 volumes covers different classes of cars, in general,
with some repeats. each contains a reasonably sized section on MOW and
cabin cars (which may not be of any interest to you since you are not
interested in PRR). In addition, I'll note (and then duck) that color
reproduction is subject to many factors, so the colors depicted in these
books may not resemble the actual colors. That said, although I model
1944, I own all 3 PRR books and consider them to be valuable modeling aids.

As for purchase, I always check Mitchell's Hobby Shop in Wilmington DE
( In addition, many of the bigger book sellers
at the Greenbergs, and GATS shows will carry them.

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