Re: IC 28452 special equipment circa 1916?

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton <aidrian.bridgeman-sutton@...>

~It was a 40 foot box car, one of 1,000 built by General
~American in 1940 to the AAR 10'6" (nominal) design. I have
~a photo of another such IC car in special assigned service.
~An ORER is a good place to look for more information


ORERs are great, but watch out since this is 1916 and not 1940, and the
IC had a horrible habit of renumbering some of it's equipment from time
to time.

They must have thought that this would keep the workers interested and
provide hours of entertainment for future historians and modellers.
Freightcars are one problem but the dedicated IC steam modeller needs to
be pretty certain about which day of which month he is modelling;
1953-55 just won't cut it.


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