Tank Car numbers

Steve and Barb Hile

I am trying to put together a simple comparison chart for UTLX and other major tank car owners.  I have a Westerfield 1930 ORER disk and the 1953 NMRA ORER reprint, but only have UTLX pages from other years.  I would appreciate it if could have the gross number of tank cars in other years between, say 1920 and 1950 for


General American (would include GATX and other reporting marks)

North American (NATX)

Shippers Car Line (SHPX and others)

Sinclair Oil (SDRX)

Texaco (TCX) (absorbed into General American in the 30’s)

Pure Oil (POX) (absorbed into UTLX in 1933)

Shell (PRX, SCCX) (partially absorbed, 50’s?)


The date and bottom line total of tank equipment is all I am looking for.


Thanks in advance.


Steve Hile

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