Re: Well you know it's time to stop modeling for the night when...

Charles Peck

It happened on an L&N autorack car.  A side panel with the logo was removed and 
was reinstalled upside down.  Photos exist.
Chuck Peck

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It would be even funnier if someone has a prototype photo showing that did happen and down right hysterical if you were modeling from a said photo and didn't notice you just made the car look like the photo without questioning the photo.

Mark Rickert
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You  take a moment to look your NH GA-2 gondola over before weathering and just then realize, after multiple applications of decal setting solution over the course of a few day, that you managed to put the block NH herald upside done on one side. Of course I never noticed this OBVIOUS error when putting the decal in place originally nor during the repeated applications of setting solutions. Offending decal was removed with a light application of Scalecoat paint remover, which despite being light and quick removed most of the paint on the two panels. Car has also been washed and the two panels repainted black. Decaling will commence tomorrow with the N firmly above the H. You all may laugh now. I am going to bed.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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