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"...  The newest SLA printer from Kudo 3D has a resolution of 37 microns, with the possibility of adjusting it down to 25 microns..."

Which is 1000 dpi, give or take a few pixels... each pixel being .001 across.
Interestingly, the price, seems to be heading steeply downward, but the resolution isn't improving all that much. This appears to be the same DLP technology that has been available from Envision Tech (Perfactory), for several years now, with a $70k price tag. Last year I explored the Asiga offering; same specs in a $7000 machine. Now this one is asking $3000. Be interesting to see what the ultimate life of these machines is.
IOne nice thing about this technology is it can apparently deal with overhanging features without building separate wax  support structures; the only support is each disjoined starting point needs it's own stem from the machine platen, but these are somewhat ahin to runners and gates on injection molded parts, and most modelers can deal with that.
The problem is, I don't want to own the machine, just use the service. While I don't have any particular love for Shapeways, they do have an easy to deal with business model, and apparently a rather large user base to keep the lights on. I've been hoping that when something that offers greater resolution comes along, that Shapeways will add thet to the multiple processes they already run. Of course, they would have to price it at a point where people would use it, but lower capital costs for the machines would help trim the price.
Dennis  Storzek

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