second sale of Hendrickson kits

Tony Thompson

I am announcing today a sale of another part of Richard Hendrickson's reserve of HO scale kits, mostly Sunshine in this batch. Few if any of these are still available, so this is an opportunity for many of you. The list is attached below, for the second group of kits.
I will conduct the sale in the following way. Anyone wishing to buy kits should submit a bid directly to me, one and only one bid per kit, though of course you might wish to bid on more than one kit. [PLEASE remember to submit bids OFF the list, directly to me.] The highest bid for each kit will win.
The deadline for bids will be noon, Pacific time, on Wednesday, August 27. I will notify winning bidders promptly with payment instructions. If you do not hear from me by 3 PM Pacific time on August 27, 2014, you were not the successful bidder. I greatly prefer PayPal and will notify winners how to proceed on that; if PayPal is impossible for you, a check or money order is possible (include that information in your bid), and again, I will notify you how to submit it.
Minimum bid on each kit is $25, plus a nominal $5 for shipping for the first kit, $1.75 for each additional kit. All net revenue goes to Richard's widow Sandra. Kits remaining unsold on August 27 will go on eBay later. I will then take a break for a few weeks, but expect to have additional batches of kits thereafter.

Tony Thompson
2906 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 540-6538; e-mail: tony@...

List of kits, in order by kit number

Kit no. Description (per kit box)
2.1 CNW 65000 series box car, USRA steel rebuild
2.5 Rock Island 134000 series rebuilt box car, panel roof
3.1 ACL USRA steel side rebuilt box car
5.9 ATSF Ga-49 48’ 6” gondola, side doors, 1940-1960s
5.10 ATSF Ga-53 48’ 6” gondola without side doors, 1941-1960s
9.2 Wabash rebuilt box car, 3/7/8 ends, prewar door
10.8 PRR X31F turtleback jeep/auto car
12.6 PRR G29 46’ gondola, wood floor
17.14 Pacific Electric B-50-14 SS box car, Murphy radial roof, composite ends
28.4 Santa Fe SFRD Rr-29 1940 steel reefer, Duryea u’frame, curved map
35.1 ACL ventilated box car, O-17, center groove siding, 1919-1950s serif logo
40.5 IC 36000 series 40’ double-door auto car, original lettering
45.1 ATSF Ft-G flat car, revenue service decals
49.1 CNW 1923-25 Pratt truss box car, Hutchins roof
49.4 CMO 1927 Pratt truss box car, Viking roof
62.1 UTLX X-3 10,000 gallon tank car
66.4 ATSF Ft-O, Ft-P 50’ flat car
66.5 ATSF Ft-O 50’ flat car, auto loader
67.17 T&P 40’ gondola, fixed dreadnaught ends
68.2 ATSF dry ice reefer, three hinged doors
74.1 SFRD Rr-35, 36, 39, 40 steel reefer, Super Chief
74.8 SFRD Rr-43 steel reefer, Super Chief
85.7 D&RGW 62000 series 36’ box car, Murphy roof and ends
89.4 SFRD Rr-18 rebuilt USRA reefer, Map/Chief
94.1 SFRD Rr-44 rebuilt 1946-47 reefer, Map/Chief
95.1 Linde 1939-44 Duryea (box) tank car, original serif lettering
99.6 UTLX GATC radial rivet tank car

3858 Northwestern Pacific USRA DS box car, modernized
4801 Santa Fe Bx-13 box car
4751 Santa Fe Bx-11/12 raised roof box car
8102 USRA Mill gondola NYC Lot 377-G, PMcK&Y 385-G

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