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John Barry

Santa Fe had 150 cars in series 1570-1719 built in 1902 initially owned by the Santa Fe Refrigerator Line.  These cars were gone by 1928, with only 19 remaining in 1925.  This series was assigned to class Rr-K in the 1902 renumbering and classification.

In July 1902, the refrigerator operations were consolidated into a new subsidiary, Santa Fe Refrigerator Despatch, reporting mark SFRD.  Existing refers in AT&SF and SFRL marks were relettered SFRD after this date.  That would not have been instantaneous, but barring photographic evidence, unusual after a couple of years to see a SFRL mark.  

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Subject: [STMFC] Need some help on an 'O' Santa Fe reefer

Got this reefer off eBay - looks good but needs some help.

Think it's a Westbrook wood kit assembled; here goes:

Santa Fe Refrigerator Line SFRL # 1597, 40T, 40 ft, "2 over 7 then O2 -
class?", truss rods

1] Real deal or make believe? photo for adding decals appropriate for 1935?

2] What type of trucks?

3] Anyone make 'O' door hinges & latch? - just printed on - need to buy
PSC catalog

4] Tack board - proto size/thickness?

5] Underside detail - brake rigging, etc?

6] Hand brake &/or platform?

Thanks for any help!

-=- Bob Colquitt

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