This is very good information on the dimensions of the brake cylinders.  It
leads to the question of the diameter of the air reservoir on the K brake
systems.  I seem to have noticed different diameters but to my knowledge
only one size has been produced in HO.

Thanks again:

Bill Pardie

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"An 8x12" cylinder was standard in 1900, even for 50-ton cars. Shortly after, the more familiar 10x12" cylinder became standard for heavier cars including many 50-ton cars. Cars rebuilt in the 'teens often retained the older brake equipment. However, cars built before the 1911 act often had the older brake layout revised into compliance."
Grandt Line makes a KC set with the 8x12 cylinder for narrow gauge cars. This is a very nice set, that I used to pack with my Soo Line caboose kits, as the cabooses retained their 8x12 brake cylinders through the AB conversion and went to scrap with them in the sixties.
Dennis Storzek

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