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Sad day.

The offficial company statement came out yesterday:

"Carstens Publications has announced that negotiations are taking place with several companies regarding the future publishing of Railfan & Railroad, Railroad Model Craftsman and Flying Models magazines. All involved ask for your patience at this time."  Steve Barry, Editor, Railfan & Railroad, 973/383-3355
It's pretty certain that both RMC and R&R will continue with other publishers. The final form remains to be seen.

The RMC staffers were genuinely interested in the prototype and freight car modeling, as Bill mentioned. I've talked to a couple of the editors during the past weeks and each talked about about freight car pieces as their editorial highlights. There are scenarios on the table that would keep some of the current staff, and I hope that happens. When Hal built that building in the 1970s it was a castle of publishing.  It will be tough to see the building dark.

Mike Del Vecchio

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Absolutely. Bill called me not long ago with the news. However, at the risk of ending up in moderator jail, perhaps more of a shame than a shock…

Regardless, we have lost the one print publication that seemed to be really interested in freight cars and prototype modeling.
Bill Schneider
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No comment need be added. What a shock and a shame. Tony Thompson

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> Colleagues,
> It has been a great run and it is lights out at Carstens Pub by 5:00 p.m. I will close out my term here of nearly 38 years with the following from Doug Adams, who wrote it around the time I came to RMC:
> "So Long, and Th anks for all the fish."
> Bill Schaumburg

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