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Exactly. Rick's article on scratch building a Southern Ks1 class consolidation was very popular. I imagine a series on steam era freight cars would be welcome to balance all the modern freight car weathering articles they seem to get. MRH does tend to favor big color photos though, but that may be incidental.


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I know that MRH would publish the same types of prototype articles if Joe received them...


Jack Burgess

Denny wrote:
I am truly sad about RMC’s demise.  I have truly admired, valued, and even reveled in RMCs devotion to prototype and kit modeling, and for many years now, the magazine has still offered the rich bedtime reading of serious model railroading  that its surviving rival has long eschewed. 


That its good editor showed up as an enthusiastic participant at so many prototype meets was only additive. Right off the top of my head, RMC’s ground breaking, if not revolutionary (in railroad modeling publications)  publication of cascading articles on PFE Reefers, line-side industries,  Essential freight cars, Chicago railroad bridges (a favorite!), etc. etc. IMHO was instrumental in giving the whole landscape of prototype modeling a measure of new meaning and new life- the results of which we are enjoying today. [snip}

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