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John Barry


You make an excellent point about the demise.  We all share the responsibility.  Me for only occasionally purchasing issue with an article that hit my interest rather than subscribing, CSRM for dropping their subscription in the face of budget cuts a couple years ago, the advertisers that withdrew in the face of declining circulation, the printing an postage costs that skyrocketed increasing the need for cash flow, the business decision that led to the alienation of the author base.  Is there one root cause that can identify where things could be different had it been alleviated?  I can not answer, as I was not there.  If a small number of fixable problems, RMC will survive in someone else's hands.  If not, attempts at resuscitation will fail as the thousand cuts will continue to bleed.  I miss RMJ and PM as well, and the problem with both of those for me was that I either was not aware of them during their heyday, or I cherry picked issues and like MM and now RMC, there were others that did not support them and they suffered the same fate.

Instead of bemoaning  their shuttering, we should be discussing what we liked in each, and more importantly for a white knight, what we are willing to pay for.  We have a need to have accurate information about prototypes, models, and techniques.  What would make us open our wallets and pay someone to provide that information.  That publisher needs funds to entice authors such as yourself to put forth the effort to create a usable and informative article.  Authors need to evaluate what kind of compensation they need for the time and effort of producing an article.  Some where in that sea of variables is the potential for a new model for the content of RMC.  
John Barry

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Very sad to hear about such a hobby institution failing.
Recently I got an email from Bill, bless his heart, he have caught wind of a project I was working on and sheepishly asked if I would do an article for them. I had to reply that wasn’t going to happen because I hadn’t been paid of the last article.
I don’t know who made the decision to not paid their contributors, but it definitely caused a downward spiral. Bill would be doing his best to drum up business at RPM meets. Guys would say they’d heard that they didn’t pay in a timely manner. I’d reluctantly confirm what they’d heard and you could see those guys turn away from Bill’s efforts....
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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