Re: Lights out at the "Pub"

Pierre Oliver

Tony has nailed it right on the head.
As saddened as I am at the passing of an iconic publication, it is myself and my fellow modelers I feel sorry for, not the publisher.
He made his bed and now he gets to lie in it.
Pierre Oliver
On 8/23/2014 3:43 PM, Tony Thompson tony@... [STMFC] wrote:


      As I said to FHenry Carstens on more than one occasion, the author payment issue need not be an issue. Either decide you cannot afford to pay authors, and make that announcement -- then people know where they stand when deciding to submit or not -- OR announce that you pay for articles, and then DO SO. To pretend you will pay, and then not pay, is dishonest and sends a very bad message about the magazine.

       Speaking for myself, I have happily submitted articles to the magazine of my historical society (SPH&TS) with full knowledge that there was no payment. That was fine. But when Henry stiffed me on articles already published, I said "no more."

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